From our own personal experience we know it’s not always easy for your staff to see when guests need service.

It was during one of these times when we were all getting frustrated waiting to be served in a busy restaurant we thought surely there must be a better way of getting the staff’s attention. This was our Eureka moment when we got the idea for ‘Turn4Service’!

Your customers can turn the IXI-light around when they want to order or want the bill. Your staff will see the light’s red color and can respond immediately.

IXI is a signaling light, but it is also more than that. It has a beautiful design and provides ambient lighting.

It is a communication tool for restaurant owners and advertisers as well as a management tool for the catering industry.

Simple and efficient, without cords or expensive connections, it’s beautiful mood lighting with a function.


Would you like more information about IXI, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our contact number is


+45 23 90 16 88


The trouble with candles and oil lamps

Candles / Oil Lamps IXI
Soot formation
Fire hazard
Ugly candle wax stains
Lighting / Relighting

More benefits

  • Weather proof for indoor and outdoor use (IP65).
  • Works on a durable battery.
  • Wireless charging (Charging time 8 hours).
  • Available in 3 options.White, Flame or Warm White
  • Programmable to your liking: Alarm, Light Intensity, Method of signaling and acceptable waiting time.

The best possible guest experience thanks to efficient service

The IXI is your new tool for optimising your hospitality
service. The stylish IXI gives off a warm light creating an
atmospheric ambiance for your guests.
And do they want to order something? They make it
clear with a twist on the IXI. The lamp then turns red,
so that your employees can see at a glance that service
is required. Your guests don’t have to struggle to
get attention and experience in customer service.

Cheaper than candlelight

Traditional table lighting such as candles and oil lamps
cost at least 5.50 euros per table per month with this
price sometimes rising to as much as 15 euros. The IXI
is at least as attractive and also much cheaper.

Earn extra with IXI ads

The IXI offers exclusive space for advertising. Promote
your own products and earn extra money by selling this
advertising space to others. Experience teaches: IXI
delivers more than it costs!